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Dr. Alexia Couch

Dr. Alexia Couch Principal alexia_couch@hcpss.org

Dr. Rhoda Núñez-Donnelly

Dr. Rhoda Núñez-Donnelly Assistant Principal rhoda_nunez-donnelly@hcpss.org

Tiffanie Nunley

Tiffanie Nunley Assistant Principal tiffanie_nunley@hcpss.org

Chris Lombardi

Chris Lombardi Administrative Intern christopher_lombardi@hcpss.org

School Overview

Harper's Choice Middle School is committed to meeting the needs of our diverse learning community. Our students bring with them a rich mixture of cultures and talents that contribute to a global school community.

Established in 1973, Harper's Choice Middle School has been serving the community for almost 50 years. Our staff, students, and community are proud of the rich history of HCMS and focused on continuing to prepare our students for participation in a diverse, challenging, and increasingly competitive global society.


All students and staff are engaged in a vibrant, inclusive community that celebrates diversity, values student, staff and parent voice, and meets the needs of the whole child.


Harper’s Choice Middle School is committed to creating a vibrant, inclusive community that meets the needs of the whole child by celebrating diversity, providing rigorous instruction to all, building positive relationships, fostering a nurturing school environment, and supporting the well-being of each child and staff member.

Core Values

“People Make the Difference”  

  • Commitment ~ do whatever it takes to support our community
  • Relationships ~ positive relationships are key
  • Collaboration ~ work with others to continually improve
  • Communication ~ student, staff, and community voice is important    

School Accomplishments

  • Maryland Green School, Certified
  • Maryland PBIS Gold Award 2018-19, Silver Award 2019-20
  • Bright Minds Foundation Grant
  • Recognized a Carson Scholar 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21
  • Professional Development School in partnership with Towson University to support education interns.
  • State Qualifier in Lego Robotics Competition 2018-19
  • First Place Core Values Lego Robotics Competition 2018-19
  • Students selected for Howard County Honors Band, HC G/T Wind Ensemble, HC G/T Orchestra, HC 6th grade Honors Chorus and HC G/T Chorus 2019-2020, 2020-21, 2021-22
  • Student selected for Maryland All State Band 2021-22
  • Robotics Global Innovators Award 2018-19
  • First Place Howard County MLK Essay Contest 2018-19
  • First Place Howard County Young Authors Poetry Contest 2018-19
  • First Place Maryland Young Authors Poetry Contest 2018-19
  • Superior Rating Chorale Adjudication 2018-19
  • Students published in Rainbow Vision Magazine 2019-20
  • Students published literary and photographic pieces in HCPSS magazine Our Voice 2019-20
  • Honorable Mention Howard County Young Authors Contest 2019-20

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Community Superintendent

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Community Superintendent Area 1: Patrick Saunderson

Board of Education Representative

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HCMS BOE Representative: Antonia Watts